e.p.t.q KOL: Dr Kiran Kandola

e.p.t.q are so excited to announce we now have a KOL in Dr Kiran Kandola. Dr Kiran Kandola is a UK qualified Doctor. He qualified from Cardiff Medical School in 2009 and after 10 years in training, he now works as a Consultant Anaesthetist, treating both NHS and Private patients. As a Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Kandola is very skilled at fine procedures and for the last 7 years has been developing a thriving Aesthetic Practice in Cardiff. 

He is an Expert Trainer of Doctors, Dentists and Nurses in all aspects of Aesthetic Medicine since 2015. Dr Kandola’s clinic is called “Just Skin Time”, located at 108 Caerphilly Road, Cardiff, CF14 4AG and his work can be seen on Instagram @dr_kandola. Renowned for his subtlety and keen eye for detail, Dr Kandola lives by the philosophy that the only thing in common any two people have is the unique nature of their wants, desires and aesthetic goals. 


Dr Kandola loves to utilise very technically challenging combinations of cannula-based contouring of the mid face with a PDO thread lift, often complemented by a liquid rhinoplasty and deep mandibular contouring. The relief of tension headache, teeth grinding, hyperhidrosis and neck stiffness with botulinum toxin is also highly relevant for Dr Kandola as he has trained in Chronic Pain Management as a Consultant Anaesthetist. 


As a KOL representing e.p.t.q Dr Kandola will be offering training videos, information on procedures and complications. His results when using e.p.t.q, education on the products and filler procedures using e.p.t.q. His first piece concentrates on the importance of using CE marked products. Explaining why this is a necessity as a practitioner and the dangers behind using non-CE marked stock. e.p.t.q is a CE marked dermal filler. You can view his full article here: https://just-aesthetic.com/blog/

We are looking forward to the partnership between e.p.t.q and Dr. Kiran Kandola and can’t wait to share all of Dr. Kiran Kandola’s work with you in the future.



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