Thanks for your interest in EPTQ!

There are few ways to become an affiliate, these are outlined below:

1) Brand ambassador

By becoming a brand ambassador, you would be required to be promote our brand using social media, you will be able to purchase up to 50 fillers per week at our special discounted price. 

posts on feed per week tagging @e.p.t.q in the photo & the caption

story post per week tagging @e.p.t.q

‘@e.p.t.q ambassador’ into Instagram bio

*You would need to make regular orders of 50 or more per order to be eligible.

2) Training Academy package

If you work with a training academy, this is the right package for you!

This package provides:

A complimentary pack for each student (a pen, a notepad, a cup and a coaster).

Pop up banners and posters to put in the class

Special Discounted Product Price for Training Academies

Digital advertising package for your website and social medias

Online and telephone support

Free filler for your students upon graduating

If you would like to use our logo on your training manual or any other of your marketing material, please ask.

Please apply below to see if your clinic/academy meets our criteria

All samples will be sent out within 1 week, you will receive tracking number shortly after being approved.