Maximization of Crosslinking Efficiency

e.p.t.q achieved a full crosslinking level while lowering the BDDE input through an improved crosslinking process. Its natural result is confirmed after the procedure immediately. The Hive structure of e.p.t.q. HA gel is stable in the skin after injection.

High Viscoelasticity

e.p.t.q maintains a high complex viscosity between 30-500 Pas with elastic HIVE structure. Ideal viscoelasticity lifts the skin tissue, it is easy to shape, and it keeps natural at the injection site even with various movements.

Complex Viscosity
[Pa.s(0.1Hz Measure)]

e.p.t.q s100

30 – 100

e.p.t.q s300

200 – 330

e.p.t.q s500

370 – 500