3 Unique Treatments You Might Not Have Heard About Using Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler treatments are the most popular in cosmetic surgery. For those who are looking to enhance certain bodily features through non-invasive treatments, dermal filler treatments are the go-to choices.

Some dermal filler treatments are common, and you already know about them like lip plump, wrinkle correction, fine line smoothness, etc. Here there are 3 unique dermal filler treatments that you might not have heard about.

Let’s find out these 3 unique treatments!

  1. Rhinoplasty

It also goes by the names of liquid rhinoplasty and liquid nose job. Non-invasive rhinoplasty is one of the most unique and increasingly popular dermal filler treatments. This treatment uses dermal fillers to change the shape of the nose inherited by the person undergoing treatment.

It’s not a permanent solution, and that’s why it’s becoming popular. Those who want to fix nose bumps and make it look less angular will often opt for rhinoplasty. 

Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are injected underneath your nose skin to smoothen the areas under focus.

Non-invasive rhinoplasty aims at smoothening nose bumps, making the nose tip prominent, adding volume to the nose, and lifting the tip.

As it’s not a permanent solution, rhinoplasty results can last as long as 3-4 months, however this varies depending on the quality of dermal fillers injected and the type of your skin. If you want to achieve long-lasting results, EPTQ dermal fillers are a great choice.

2. Temples

Lying at the sides of your face beside your eyes, temples lose volume because of the aging effects. Hollow temples are a common face problem, and non-invasive temple enhancement is one of the unique dermal filler treatments becoming popular.

As we age, soft tissues and bones dissolve; the shape of connective tissue changes. It causes less structural support in temples, and an eventual volume loss occurs. 

Dermal filler temple enhancement is a great way to restore the lost volume, and people in their mid-40’s are highly inclined towards it. That’s because hollowing temples affect your face’s youthful appearance and make your forehead look widened with narrow temples and cheeks. 

Temples enhancement using dermal fillers shows immediate results. The results lasting depend on the hollowing of temples, quantity and quality of dermal fillers being injected as well as the skin type. 

For long-lasting results, EPTQ dermal fillers by EPITIQUE is a great solution.

3. Earlobes

As we age, some bodily features don’t remain the same. One of the aging effects includes excessive lines and wrinkles in earlobes. Non-invasive earlobe rejuvenation using dermal fillers is a unique treatment that’s becoming more and more popular in the aesthetics industry.

From removing excessive lines, correcting the tip, smoothening the wrinkles, earlobe rejuvenation benefits in many ways. It’s a very short procedure, and the results can last up to 12 months. The lasting results depend on the current condition of earlobes, the quality & quantity of dermal filler being injected, and your skin type.

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