Non-Surgical Facelifts Using Dermal Fillers

In the world of aesthetic treatments, a facelift is a common non-surgical procedure that uses dermal fillers to enhance your beauty. 

Non - surgical facelift explained

When we lose fat pads from our facial skin, the areas of the face drops down. It’s often the result of aging that we encounter as we go past the ’40s. Non-surgical facelift uses dermal fillers to rejuvenate the key areas of the face and undo the signs of ageing.

A few or all of the areas involved in the non-surgical facelift are nasolabial folds, lip corners, cheek structure, mid-face, jawline, and so on. Quality dermal fillers are injected into these areas to bring back youthfulness to them. Combining different facial treatments help achieve facelift without involving any invasive method. It delivers fast results.


If you’re concerned about your face being impacted by aging effects, considering non-surgical facelift using EPTQ dermal fillers is a great option. Non-surgical facelift using EPTQ dermal fillers offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the face’s overall appearance, which doesn’t come with singular dermal filler treatments. 

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What does a non-surgical facelift involve?

The basics

It involves rejuvenating & volumize your skin with dermal fillers, which improves moisture and volume under the skin. Dermal fillers are injected into pain points like jowls & creases around the mouth and other areas. The hyaluronic acid present in EPTQ dermal fillers draws in and retain moisture, improving the texture, volume, and elasticity of the skin — bringing back youthfulness to your skin. 

Is it safe?

Before getting such kind of treatment, it’s common to be concerned about its effectiveness and safety. Whether a non-surgical facelift is safe or not depends hugely on the practitioner and dermal filler being used. When carried out by an expert and qualified cosmetic surgeon, a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers is an incredibly safe procedure.


Non-surgical facelifts using quality EPTQ dermal fillers do not cause any discomfort due to the lidocaine and offer fast results. With minimum recovery time and maximum result retention time, EPTQ dermal fillers make a great choice for non-surgical facelifts. 

How does this treatment work?

A professional & trained cosmetic surgeon examine your face and understand your needs & wants before performing any treatment. Non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers primarily uses dermal fillers to add lift & definition to your face. As a result, your face gets rid of wrinkles and regains the elasticity it was missing.

Dermal fillers are added to a few different areas of your skin needing treatment. If you or your surgeon feels there’s something more that can be done to offer a better facelift, you may opt for non-surgical rhinoplasty, lip enhancement or other procedures.

The bottom line

face lift eptq

When aging effects appear, you want to bring back youthfulness to your skin. Rather than applying toxic beauty creams, non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers is a better option. Without encountering any side-effects, you can bring back beauty and youthfulness to your skin.


Remember that quality of dermal fillers being used matters the most, so always put your trust in EPTQ dermal filler for best results.

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