How EPTQ can support training academies

Every professional providing facial aesthetic improvement services need to undergo a certain training level at training institutes or academies.

If you run a training academy where you train young and enthusiastic minds to work in this rapidly growing industry, then EPTQ can support you in many ways. For training academies, EPTQ has special offers that let them train their students cost-effectively and professionally.

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Ways in which EPTQ supports training academies

Let’s talk about how EPTQ support training academies with its different packages:

Training academy discount

When training students in academies, the instructors need to have sufficient dermal fillers to give practical demonstrations. When the resources are scarce, your academy won’t provide effective and professional training to trainees. It will both result in destroying your reputation and slowing the training duration.

EPTQ offers special discounts to training academies. Since you’ll always have students in your academy, it pays well to have a considerable amount of dermal fillers already stored in the academy — enabling you to deliver efficient and effective training.

Complimentary pack for each of your student

Giving stationery items to your trainees goes a long way, and EPTQ understands this well. When you avail EPTQ’s training academy package for your training academy, you get a complimentary pack for each of your students that includes an elegant pen, a notepad for noting important points during lectures, and a stylish cup and a coaster.

When you give this pack to your students, it helps you stand out from the rest of the academies and build a strong reputation.

Online telephone support

Customer support is an integral part of an organization’s offerings, and EPTQ does excellent work at providing quick and effective online telephone support. While training your students, if your instructors come across any issues in dermal fillers or find difficulty using any of the products, EPTQ gives quick access to its product experts through online telephone support.

Pop up banners and posters for turning an ordinary classroom into a professional setting

There’s always a difference between an ordinary classroom and a professional-looking classroom. The training environment of a classroom depends hugely on how well the classroom is decorated. That’s why you need to have posters and pop-up banners that put life into a classroom and make trainees feel that they are learning in a professional environment.

EPTQ provides pop-up banners and posters to training academies that can be displayed in classrooms to elevate the aesthetics and create an impactful environment.

Digital advertising

EPTQ supports training academies to enhance their student base and access unexplored sections of their audience by offering digital advertising packages. We’ll provide you with a branding pack for all of your marketing needs.

Free fillers for students upon graduating

To help your graduates kick start their careers in the industry, EPTQ provides free fillers, allowing the students to perform their first aesthetics procedure without added pressure of finding a filler brand to work with.

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